Earth Laughs in Flowers Do you love to look at flowers?   If so, The Earth Laughs in Flowers is for you.  Because photographer Sara Goldenthal loves to look at flowers, too.  

So much so, that she has been photographing them for years.  She sees them dancing, singing, in families, as parents with babies. They are all individuals, with personal lives, going about their day.  Who’s to say the flowers aren't talking to each other, playing laughing, sleeping, and being in love? 

The photos in this book - along with the words of some of our most beloved writers, artists and philosophers - will take you on a little magical journey. If that journey is 5 minutes, or 1 hour, or even longer, it will bring you a sense of delight and wonder. 

"What a beautiful book.  It's like food for the soul."  
-- The Rebecca Review 

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