No More Scaredy Cat
"Goldenthal understands cats, and she knows how to work with them.  I highly recommend this book to anyone dealing with a fearful cat." 
     -- The Conscious Cat

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Do you have a cat that struggles with fear? A cat that hides under the bed and won't come out? A cat that startles easily? Worse, do you have a cat that lashes out and attacks anyone who comes near?  No More Scaredy Cat is an easy, step-by-step program that puts an end to stress, fear and anxiety for the cats you love.

Using Bach Flower Essences and the philosophy of TTouch, cat behaviorist Sara Goldenthal developed a simple method that anyone can use to break down and gradually eliminate fear and terror in adopted, rescue and shelter cats.
All cats want love, and to be able to feel calm and peaceful. Let No More Scaredy Cat show you how you can help the frightened cats in your life enjoy increased feelings of well-being, happiness, and closeness to you.