Crunch Time by Brian Dunleavy

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World-class athletes and coaches Mike Richter, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Nancy Lieberman, Phil McConkey, Mark Gubizca, Bruce Baumgartner and Lou Vairo talk about their experiences in the pages of Crunch Time

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Crunch Time.  You’ve been there. 

It’s when the clock is winding down and the game, or your job, is on the line.   

It’s when you’re trying to keep your head, while all about you people are losing theirs, and blaming it on you.  Crunch Time is when crisis comes. 

Great athletes and coaches face Crunch Time on a regular basis.  Their successes and failures, victories and defeats, adulation and humiliation, take place on a grand stage.  We watch them win, and we watch them lose.  We see them rise to great heights, and we witness their fall. 

Each of the sports figures in this book has faced Crunch Time again and again, both on the field, and often, in their personal and work lives.  All of them, in their own way, are amazing people.  Gifted, yes, but more than gifted. 

Nancy Lieberman.  Lou Vairo.  Bruce Baumgartner.  Mark Gubicza.  Phil McConkey.  Jackie Joyner-Kersee.  Mike Richter.  Seven world-class athletes, coaches, and leaders.   

In the pages of Crunch Time, they share with you their experiences at the top of amateur and professional sports, their high and lows, and the very real personal challenges they’ve faced.   

Seven fascinating personalities offer their insights on managing crisis in sports, and more importantly, in life.

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