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Maine-based writer Joseph Souza has made a name for himself in the horror and crime genres.  Souza, the winner of multiple literary awards, writes novels that are often Amazon bestsellers.

But Souza has a weird side.  That side is on display in Fujita’s Itch & other stories, a new book of humorous and satirical tales available from Strawberry Books. 

Fujita’s Itch is a short novel about a troubled writer who hooks up with a trio of bizarre tornado chasers, and ends up getting much more than he bargained for.  His assignment: to track down a tornado or get fired from the magazine where he works.  But as he rides through Tornado Alley, he learns that there is more to contend with than simply chasing the legendary and terrifying Fujita Six level storm.

In The Stone Walls of Lebanon, New York City mobsters Keith Benedicto and Vincent Capuzzi drive to New Hampshire to steal a priceless stone wall dating back to the American Revolution.  Keith has been skimming profits, and he’s worried that his boss Sal Figlio wants him dead.  One murder leads to another murder, which leads to yet another murder, as the bodies pile up in quiet rural New England.  The Stone Walls of Lebanon won Honorable Mention for the Al Blanchard Crime Writing Award.

In Queensland, struggling young writer Julian and his new wife April spend their honeymoon in England.  While the young couple are in London, Islamic terrorists set off a very unusual bomb, leaving April frustrated and Julian questioning his sexual identity.

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