Raping the Gods


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From the mind of America’s favorite sex addict comes a bizarre black comedy about power trips, insanity, and the dark side of sex addiction.

Brian Whitney – a dissolute, dead broke, alcoholic writer in Portland, Maine – is hired to ghostwrite the memoirs of Dylan, a deranged, fantastically wealthy sex addict, who lives in Samoa with his two female sex slaves.  Dylan’s had a profound spiritual awakening during a vision quest he went on with a local tribe.  He thinks he met God.  Actually, he thinks he met God and had sex with Him.  Raped Him, in fact.

Working with Dylan is the job Whitney’s been waiting for. He can hardly wait to get started.  There’s only one catch.  Well, two catches.

One is that Whitney must travel to Samoa, to hear Dylan’s stories, to live as Dylan does, drunk and high for days on end, with his own personal sex slave, so he can understand the world how Dylan sees it.

Two is he must bring with him a photograph of an aging former porn star, nude, passed out, and wearing a moose hat.

Whitney can get the photograph.  But can he really live as Dylan does?  Can he bring himself to take possession of another person, a slave so abject she will carry out every command, no matter how ridiculous?  What follows is a strange journey into the dark heart of man, in particular one man who lives as an all-powerful god upon the earth.


“Brian Whitney’s first novel is weird, surreal, and at times so laugh-out-loud funny that you will cough up your breakfast.  Imagine if Hunter Thompson and William S. Burroughs went upriver in a Navy patrol boat to visit Colonel Kurtz from Apocalypse Now.  The result would be a lot like Raping the Gods.”   

-          Patrick Quinlan, bestselling author of Sexbot, Smoked, and All Those Moments