Life on the Dingleball Fringe by Jon Herbert

Life on the Dingleball Fringe

Available now from critically acclaimed new author
Jon Herbert:

Jon Herbert’s first collection of short stories is by turns an intense account of those on the fringe of society and a gently funny read.  Set mostly in bars and taverns in Salt Lake City, this linked connection of short fiction tells the story of numerous down and outers, but does so with affection and humor.

Rising from the dust of Salt Lake's well documented history of wild west brothels, distilleries and breweries comes a tale taller than what Joseph Smith himself could tell.  Herbert revisits Salt Lake's sordid and much suppressed past by putting it in a current setting.

Like a good-natured Charles Bukowski, Herbert has an uncanny way of expressing the bare essence of things around him.  The stories follow characters who are marginalized, drink way too much and are drifting through a haze of ennui and failed relationships, but for the most part are happy anyway.

The stories in this collection offer moments of startling clarity.  With compassion, wit, and an acute eye, Herbert observes the minor disasters, moments of revelation and good times that occur when you live Life on the Dingleball Fringe.

"You can't throw a free paperback copy of the Book of Mormon in any direction and NOT hit a PBR lovin' hipster on a fixie in downtown Salt Lake.  Or a Guadalajaran en route to Canada in a minivan." - Jon Herbert

"I know the people that Herbert writes about and I love them as much as he does.  The author looked at the dark side, had a few drinks with it and a couple of laughs and then went home to bed.  If Denis Johnson were a little funnier and a lot less depressed he would write like Jon Herbert."   - Brian Whitney, author of “37 Stories About 37 Women.”

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