Light Street

Available now from legendary poet Nick Piombino

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“Piombino develops a new notion of the individual.” 

- Mark Wallace, Jacket Magazine 

“Even if you feel you’re watching Nick Piombino sky diving without a parachute, you never doubt that he knows exactly what he’s doing.” 

- Ron Silliman 

“[Piombino] flirts with erasing the borderline between art and everyday life.” 

- Jerome Sala, Evergreen Review

Serious Street has a few very fascinating places
But it's short. Light Street has nothing that important
But it ambles mildly for quite a ways.

Light Street (first published in 1996 by Zasterle Press) is a dozen challenging poems of penetrating insight, exploring alienation and the plight of the individual pitted against an indifferent world.  It is illustrated by the art of Toni Simon, which is often at once whimsical and disturbing.

This special e-book edition also includes, in its entirety, Piombino’s book Hegelian Honeymoon (published 2004 by Chax Press), a collection of wise, playful and clever poems that combine the forms of aphorism and haiku.

Light Street will make an essential addition to the bookshelf of any serious poetry reader, especially fans of the New York School and the Language Poets.


Nick Piombino is an American poet, essayist, artist and psychotherapist. He has been associated with poets from both the New York School of the 1960s and the Language Poets of the 1970s.  He studied poetry in writing workshops with William S. Burroughs at City College in 1965 and at the Poetry Project with New York School poet Ted Berrigan in 1967. Piombino gave his first public poetry reading with singer-songwriter Patti Smith, at The Kitchen, in 1973.

A fixture on the New York poetry scene for decades, Piombino remained friends with both Allen Ginsberg and Jackson Mac Low until their deaths.  Pombino’s many books include Boundary of Blur, Contradicta, FreeFall, and Poems.  He was the recipient of the New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship in Poetry. 

He lives in Brooklyn, New York, with his wife, the artist Toni Simon.