We love to hear from you.

If you've  got a pressing desire to contact us, here's where you can do so.  Send us an email at strawberrybooks (dot) imagine (at) gmail (dot) com.

If you've read one of our books, and you want to let us know what you thought, please do drop us a line. 

For media inquiries, or if you are a reviewer requesting a review copy of one of our books, please let us know the name of your media outlet or website.


We are looking for new material with the potential to reach a wide readership.  We are especially looking for cutting edge, offbeat, dark, or literary works you wouldn't find anywhere else.

Whatever the type of book you have, send us a brief pitch letter describing the book, who you believe the audience is, and what experience you have reaching this audience.  If you have an established social media presence or other platform (for example, you are a frequent public speaker), describe that, and include links.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not attach any documents to your initial email.  We cannot open email with attachments.  Cut and paste everything, including any sample chapter (limit of one chapter) into the body of the email.  If we are interested, we'll contact you with further submission instructions.

Know that we read everything that comes in.  The volume of submissions we receive means it could take some months for you to hear from us.