Diary of an American Terrorist

Diary of an American Terrorist - the controversial novel available now.

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Life has been good to the bankers and the billionaires.

They’ve been looting the economy for decades. They’ve sent millions of American jobs to low-paying and unregulated Third World countries, all in the name of corporate profits. 

They live the high life, feasting on the carcass of the once great middle class. They have enriched themselves with impunity, safe in the knowledge that they are untouchable.

But not anymore. One man has risen up against them. One man seeks vengeance.

Now the wealthy of America face something much more sinister than the threat of terror from faraway lands. For this new monster is a man that can walk their paths and enter their world.

He is the most feared form of terrorist, the lone wolf killer. There is no organization to infiltrate, and there are no clues to follow. 

He stalks his prey, taking down target after target. He is pursued by the FBI and by a secret elite organization, but his technology skills make him almost impossible to track.

His final crime will be his most audacious. As he plots one last orgy of violence, no one among the rich and powerful is safe.

Diary of an American Terrorist is a novel about the terrible, and inevitable, forces unleashed and brought upon themselves by a small group of Wall Streeters and corporate chieftains bent on stealing the American Dream.

* * *

“The mainstream media hail as leaders the very people who downsize, send jobs abroad and destroy the lives and dreams of ordinary Americans, all in the name of corporate profits. And an important question never gets asked – what should the great mass of working people do about a tiny, parasitical minority who will loot, pillage and bankrupt our country to enrich themselves?

“Chuck Darwin gets the party started with one obvious but often overlooked answer: kill them. Diary of an American Terrorist is an entertaining nail-biter of a story. I’ve been waiting years for someone to write this novel.”

 - Patrick Quinlan, bestselling author of All Those Moments, Smoked, and Sexbot

* * *

“Cry ‘Havoc!’ And let slip the dogs of war.”

- William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar